Friday, March 25, 2011

It Is What It Is

Sometimes there are simple answers to life's most puzzling questions.  I have a tendency to over think things.  I like to think there is some complex process behind people's behavior instead of just accepting it for what it is. My friends husband uses the phrase "It Is What It Is."  I was watching Oprah's interview with past talk show hosts and Oprah asked Sally Jessy Raphael, "Why the red glasses?"  She said it was because she couldn't read the teleprompter and needed glasses.  She saw an ad that gave you a pap smear and eye glasses for $19.95 and red was the only color they had.  I've always thought there was more thought involved behind those red glasses. After all, they sort of became her signature look.  Sometimes things just fall into place without any advanced thinking or planning.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

Since Oprah's show has been reruns lately, I've taken a little break from my blog to work on my household to do list.  I have spring fever and the change in seasons always motivates me to change my home decor a little (or a lot) and declutter.  I like to bring my collection of shells out for the spring and summer, change some of my framed photos to coincide with the season and maybe change a pillow or two.   On the topic of pillows, I remember an old Oprah show where they talked about how you should change your bed pillow every year because of all the dust mites lurking in them.  I recently tossed my kids pillows which were well past their prime.  I can't say I get much decluttering done.  I tend to just replace one item with something else.

In this month's O Magazine Oprah says, "This I know:  More things don't make you feel more alive."  I can appreciate the fact that if you think buying something is going to make you feel more fulfilled it doesn't work.  It only makes you happy temporarily.  I do think surrounding yourself with things you love though is good for the soul.  You just have to know how to edit so you don't look like a pack rat.  I'm a very visual person and something that is the least bit off will bother me.  Maybe visual isn't the right word choice, it's more like neurotic.

Changing a few things in my home gives me a renewed outlook.  I find when I have too many things I can start to feel overwhelmed by all of my stuff.   I enjoy the creativity of decorating and love to find new uses for things.  I was raised by a mother who also constantly redecorates so I can't help it if it's in my genes.  Bring out the bunnies, throw away your old door mat and welcome spring!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oprah's After Oscar Party Show

I had the privilege (although some people may not see it that way) of attending Oprah's After Oscar Party show in Los Angeles.  It was fun, but not quite the experience I'd envisioned.  A large part of the reason was because I spent the entire night before listening to the Academy Awards show from my hotel bathroom.  I'm not sure if it was food poisoning or the stomach flu.  I will spare you all the details, but 5:30 am approached quickly and I wasn't sure I'd make it to the show.  After getting myself ready in my new outfit and high heeled sandals, my husband and I stood in line for 2 hours and froze.  The weather was in the 60's, but not at 6:30 am.   After waiting 2 hrs to get on a shuttle bus to take us to the theatre, we then stood in line again as 3,000 people made their way into the Kodak theatre.  If you watched the show you may have noticed there are 3 tiers of balconies.  We were seated in the last tier behind the spotlights.   A pair of binoculars would have been helpful.

On a more positive note, we could still see Oprah and her guests.  I love Colin Firth and was happy that the Kings Speech won.  It's a wonderful movie.  Katy Perry's performance at the end was a nice surprise even though she didn't sound her best because she'd been traveling all night.  I am thankful to have been able to attend two Oprah shows.  Seeing her show in Chicago is a much different experience because her studio only seats about 300 people.  Even though the show I attended in Chicago didn't have big name celebrities, there was a certain energy in the room.  I didn't feel that energy at the Kodak, but it may have been due to fact I didn't feel great.  Oprah wasn't feeling good either, and you could tell she just didn't have her usual energy.

This was a dream of mine and I'm glad I had the opportunity to fulfill it.  A big lesson I learned is that I need to be careful about buying into the idea or hype of things.  Television makes Los Angeles out to be this glamorous and beautiful place.  It's not, in my opinion.  The traffic was horrendous and a large part of the city is run down.  I had been there before so I already new this, but I was excited just to get away.  I was also excited about the possibility of seeing celebrities.  Other than the guests on Oprah, I saw Greyson Chance, the you tube singer, and Carson Kressley coming into a hotel.  While it is fun to see or meet someone famous it also made me question why I would wait in a crowd of people for hours on end just to get a glimpse of a celebrity.  They are human beings just like the rest of us.  They don't possess any special powers.  Once again, it all boils down to hype and my husband says I'm always caught up in it.