Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch has come out with a new memoir Beyond The Cleavage.  I enjoyed Oprah's interview with Raquel.  She looks amazing at 69.  I'm not sure if she's had any plastic surgery, and Oprah never asked.  I thought that was a little odd since the interview focused on her beauty and being a sex symbol.  She didn't go into detail on her beauty regime, but it is obvious she takes care of herself.  She touched on the fact that the world is full of good looking women, but it's important to have joy and warmth.  There is a spirit that identifies you and makes you approachable.  It goes back to the old saying, " It's not just what's on the outside that matters, but what's also on the inside."

I thought there was a lot of good advice from women who were guests on the show that ranged in age from 55 to 94 years old.  The following quotes struck a chord with me.

  • Step out of your box, challenge yourself, find your passion and live it, just do it.
  • Learn as much as you can all the time every day of your life.
  • If you don't take care of your body where are you gonna live?
  • My favorite quote was from Irene, "Be resilient like a willow tree. A willow tree will bow down to the ground during a storm, but after the storm will rise up.  An oak tree is rigid and stiff and it can crack.  Things may get tough, but you can make it."

I believe when you practice self care you look better and in turn that can make you feel better.  Getting older is often a state of mind.  Raquel says in her book you have to decide when you're getting older whether if you're going to get in the game or sit on the sidelines and watch everybody else.  I want to be in the game.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Law of Attraction

Ryan Seacrest was on Oprah's show last Friday and talked about his success and the steps he took to get there.  Oprah shared a favorite quote from a nun who was on a past show that said, "You have to believe in something greater than yourself or you can never do anything greater than yourself."  Oprah asked Ryan what he believed in greater than himself and his reply was kharma.  What you put out, you get back.

I recently went to hear a local woman Steffany Barton speak on the Law of Attraction.  The best way I can describe it is- we attract what we think about.  Our thoughts create our environment.   Oprah has had many people speak about this subject on her shows,  Cheryl Richardson, Louise Hay, Martha Beck and the authors of The Secret.   I have struggled with negativity all of my life.  For a long time I didn't really consider myself negative just realistic.  I know that by focusing on the negative, I get more negative energy so the reverse must be true.  I have started and stopped gratitude journals ever since Oprah had Sarah Ban Breathnach on her show.  Sarah wrote the book Simple Abundance which I ran out and purchased after Oprah's urging.  It is a great book which I recently dug back out to reread.  I really have to be conscious of my thoughts which takes awareness and effort.  From Stefanny's talk I learned that there are stumbling blocks such as your subconscious and a collective consciousness which is what society thinks.  It is important to be still and listen to your own inner voice.  If you quiet your own voice of judgement, it will quiet others.  

Oprah has said you can struggle against the currents of life or you can allow the current to carry you.  It is allowing your gifts and energy to emerge.  I believe in God, and that he has a plan for all of us.  I tend to act like a dam sometimes and block the flow of currents with excuses and negative thoughts.  I am breaking that dam down one day at a time.  Notice I didn't use the word try because according to James Arthur Ray,  "trying is failing with honor."  There is a process which can help you achieve your goals which is:  Ask, Believe, Receive- don't judge, Appreciate-be grateful.  Don't overanalyze the process just trust and let go.   I feel that is where the nun's quote comes in- You have to believe in something greater than yourself.  For me it is God.  We have to have faith in ourselves and the power we hold within.  I understand why this can sometimes take decades.  

According to Cheryl Richardson there is a difference between a wish and an intention.  An intention comes from a soulful place.  The wish comes from what isn't working in your life.  If you really want something it makes you feel physically stronger and if you don't it makes you feel weaker.  According to Martha Beck making lists can be a powerful tool.  I happen to have a knack for making lists.  I make grocery lists, wish lists, to do lists, travel lists, packing lists, the lists go on and on.  Martha says, when lists don't work there is a fear keeping it from becoming a core belief.  I tend to procrastinate when it comes to my life list because there is a fear associated with achieving some of those goals.  I need to surrender those fears and be positive that everything will work out.  According to Martha, when you want something too much and cling to it you are holding on to the energy too tightly and not letting it flow in your life.

I thought an affirmation from Steffany would be a good way to end this post.  "As I expectantly wait, I receive and appreciate all that is good. And so it is."

Blog Correction

It was brought to my attention that Peter Walsh is Australian and not British.  I got my accents mixed up.  I've been watching American Idol lately.  Thank you for the comment.  I always welcome any comments on mistakes I may make.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peter Walsh

Organization expert, Peter Walsh is a frequent guest on the Oprah show.  His British straightforward manner is a much needed quality when having to tell people they need to get rid of their possessions.  According to Peter, there is an illusion that things will make you happy.  Things can bring you comfort momentarily in the same way that food does.  Peter equates excess weight with excess clutter in your house. In addition to decluttering my home day by day,  I'd also like to lose a few excess pounds this Spring.  Maybe this will give me more motivation to clean out my house.  Peter says there are two types of clutter: memory clutter and I might need it one day clutter which keeps you tied to the past. Unfortunately,  I have both of these. Several years ago I had no idea where my birth certificate was and other important documents, but I have a box of memorabilia containing trading cards of the Osmonds and the movie Grease which came with bubblegum back in the 70's.  According to Peter, your home should be a reflection of the healthy life you want to live.  Ask yourself what do I want from this room?  Whenever I watch Peter help a family declutter it inspires me to go through another drawer or closet and really assess the things I'm keeping and why. There was a family from Denmark on an Oprah show titled "The Happiest People on Earth".  Their homes are very simple in Denmark, but functional and what I would describe as modern and minimalistic.  Their focus is on living rather than consumerism.  I'll never forget the moto he used-  less space, less things, more life.  As much as I love my things and love to shop, I believe there is great truth to that motto.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hoarding has been a popular topic lately.  Oprah has shed some light on this topic in the past few years.  Many believe it is a disease much like alcoholism or obesity.  I consider myself a pack rat, but my obsession with keeping magazine clippings and little collections don't even come close to the trash and piles of objects some families have in their house.  Some people can barely walk in their house because of all the piles of things.  I recall one family who never ate off their kitchen table because they couldn't find it. Their houses were literally health hazards.  On a much smaller level I can understand how people can become overwhelmed by stuff.  I sometimes feel like my stuff controls and stifles me. Although some people would say I'm organized, there a lot of days I don't feel organized.  I like to know where everything is and would love to have closets like Martha Stewarts.  I often don't use some of the things I own because I forget I have them.  Now that Spring is upon us, I am motivated to start decluttering.  Organization expert, Peter Walsh, is a regular on Oprah and has said you should get rid of things that you no longer love or value.  My goal is to do a little bit of spring cleaning every day for the next month.  It is people that matter, not things.  I'm still not willing to give up my books and shells, but I'm sure I could donate some of my books.   However, it probably doesn't even come close to Oprah's collection.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Roger Ebert

Oprah's interview with Roger Ebert was very touching.  My first inclination was to feel sorry for him.  Cancer took away his ability to do two things that he was very passionate about, speaking and eating. However, he still communicates through his writing and a computer generated voice which speaks for him. They are even working on making that voice sound like his own original voice.  It never ceases to amaze me what people can create to help others.  He continues to go to the movies and screens them everyday.   Although he's had the use of his mouth taken from him; it was apparent to me that he is just grateful to be alive.  He doesn't wallow in self pity, but still enjoys doing the things he can like reviewing movies.  Roger's physical appearance may look frail, but you can tell that on the inside he is stronger than ever.  I tend to fall into the glass half empty category and stories like Rogers help put things into perspective.  It's a reminder to be grateful for what I have today.  I may not always agree with Roger's movie reviews, but as a person he gets a big thumbs up in my book.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am among the millions of people who have seen Avatar this year. Oprah and several of my friends recommended seeing it. Oprah made the comment she hadn't been out to a movie theater since Dances With Wolves. I find that funny because a friend heard someone describe Avatar as a combination of Dances With Wolves meets Fern Gully. The animation and all of the vibrant colors were amazing, but my husband and I were expecting there to be more 3D special effects. I have a feeling it will win best picture at the Oscar awards.

Oprah interviewed director, James Cameron, about the making of the movie. The two main characters in the movie who are love interests often say the phrase "I see you". Cameron wanted to emphasize the importance of our connections with each other as well as with the environment. The fact that people just want to be seen is something I've heard Oprah talk about on her show many times. We all just want to be acknowledged. I often catch myself not fully paying attention to my family when they're talking to me, and I'm reminded of the importance of the simple phrase "I see you".

Monday, March 1, 2010

Barbara Walters

A lot of young girls idolize actresses or pop stars.  I idolized Barbara Walters.  I have watched her Oscar special religiously every year since I was a teenager.  I knew I wanted to major in Journalism ever since the sixth grade.  I earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas.  I admire Barbara's determination, drive and candor.  It was a treat for me the day Oprah and Barbara discussed her autobiography Audition. She exudes confidence, but not in an arrogant manner.  She is the same Barbara whether if she if she is talking to an actor or a politician.  I got to see the more emotional side of Barbara in this interview.  She is normally very stoic and has been known to make those she's interviewing weep. I was impressed with her honesty and integrity in discussing some very difficult and less glamorous topics.  After watching the show it made me admire Barbara even more, but for different reasons.  She is now a softer and kinder Barbara.  Behind the stoic and professional facade is a real person who has feelings like the rest of us.  This years Oscar special featuring Sandra Bullock and Mo'Nique will be her last, ending a 29 year tradition of interviewing Oscar nominees.  This Wednesday Oprah will be airing her own Oscar special where past Oscar winners interview each other.  I guess the torch has been passed on, but I'll miss you Barbara.