Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last Makeover Show

Lives have been transformed from having a makeover.  It can be more affective than any anti-aging cream on the market. I have witnessed people look 20 years younger just by getting their hair cut and colored.  People have gone from caveman to banker, frumpy to sophisticated and everything in between.  I thought Diane Von Furstenberg said it best, "a makeover is not just about the clothes, but about confidence.  It's knowing who you are and then making the best of who you are."   I have a friend who knows her body very well and what looks good on her.  She's not a size 4, but she wears styles and colors that flatter her and share something about her personality.  She knows what her style is and exudes confidence.  I am guilty of getting into a rut and wearing the same style or thing.  Once I find something I like I buy multiples of it. My friend went shopping with me this Spring to pick out a few things for my LA trip to see Oprah.  I initially wasn't comfortable with the skirt she picked out for me, but everyone else thought it was very flattering.  I continue to get compliments whenever I wear it.  While being comfortable and confident is important, sometimes it's also good to get out of your box and try a new look.  If it's not a good look for you there will always be someone to lend their constructive criticism.  Happy summer clothes shopping!

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